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2016 Racing Application - click here

ID Badge Pickup
Licenses and badges are available in the Mass Gaming building ("white house"). Applications may be submitted or badges picked up as follows:
  • Once live racing begins 12-8 on live racing days

Any member who submitted an application and had fingerprints taken last year does not need to have fingerprints retaken this year. Fingerprints are valid for three years.

If you did not submit your application last year for a two or three year license, please plan your time accordingly. If you opted to submit a multiple year application last year, you will only be picking up your new badge.


Link to trainers manual on Mass Gaiming site


016 Stall


MGC license is required to enter the barn area.

ALL OWNERS, TRAINERS, AND DRIVERS must complete two forms:
  1. Harness Racing Owner / Trainer / Driver license form. Available in the Mass Gaming Commission (MGC) building located in the Plainridge parking lot.
  2. Fingerprint form. Available in the MGC trailer.
These forms may be downloaded and completed in advance by visiting the MGC websiteand there are links below

To help you more easily comply with these new regulations:
  • Applications:
    • Must be notarized.
    • Require a color 2”x2” photo taken within the last 6 months –
      taken free of charge in the MGC building.
  • Fingerprints – taken free of charge in the MGC building
IMPORTANT: Bring two forms of identification (valid passport, or certified birth certificate and one other valid form of ID). A full list of acceptable IDs is available at the MGC website page noted above. If your current legal name does not match the name on your certified birth certificate you must show legal proof of the name change.



Below is the protocol for post-race TC02 testing issued
by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.


As per 205CMR 3.32 (b) Testing, “Random or extra testing may be required by the judges or the Commission at any time on any horse on association grounds”. At their discretion, the Judges may request a horse to undergo post-race TCO2 testing. The horse will report to the test barn immediately after the race, and remain there for two hours after the completion of the race. The horse’s trainer or designee must stay with the horse during this time. After the two hours is up, the veterinarian will draw the sample for the blood gas testing in the presence of the trainer or designee


Click on the links below to view or download new 2014 Racing guidelines

Horses First




2014 HHI Claim Form          HHI General Liability Form   

Reminder Horsemen:

Starting in 2009

NO ANABOLIC STEROIDS are allowed at Plainridge!

Mission Statement

Section 1.2 of the Association’s Bylaws
The mission of HHANE shall be to promote the welfare and development
of harness racing on behalf of the owners, trainers, drivers, breeders and
others affiliated with harness racing in New England. HHANE shall encourage
and promote legislation favorable to horsemen in general, recommend to rules
and regulations which are deemed to be in the best interest of harness racing,
to cooperate with and make suggestions to all associations conducting harness
racing meetings, advising them on problems affecting the interests of
horsemen, to hear any grievances of any member, and to interecede if
the Executive Board deems such action is appropriate.

Membership Benefits Include

Bike Insurance
Third Party Liability Insurance
Active Promotion of the Harness Racing Industry




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